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Blessed with heat, clear water, and verdant marine life, it’s not shocking that Egypt’s Red Sea has long been thought of as one amongst the world’s prime skin diving destinations. A wealth of various liveaboard and land-based package deals build it straightforward to set up your vacation; whereas the range of the Red Sea's reefs means there’s one thing for everybody - whether or not you’re curious about bucket list megafauna or hard-to-find macro species.

Ranging from the wreck-littered north to a lot of remote south, Sharm El tribal sheik, Hurghada, and Marsa Alam square measure 3 of the region’s most picture dive spots. where you choose to travel, here square measure 5 of the numerous reasons to settle on the Red Sea as your next dive destination. 

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Perfect Conditions
Red Sea Turtle

Diving conditions within the Red Sea square measure idyllic, with water temperatures seldom falling below 71°F/22°C even within the depths of the Egyptian winter (December - February). In summer, water temperatures within the southern Red Sea generally reach 86°F/30°C - creating it potential to set up multiple dives while not obtaining chilled. weather deck weather square measure equally pleasant, with temperatures starting from 68°F/20°C - 104°F/40°C betting on the time of year.

Visibility is typically wonderful, and might generally reach a dizzying a hundred thirty feet/40 meters. This unbelievable clarity transforms the area’s swarming reefs into a veritable storage tank, providing excellent|the right|the proper} conditions for underwater photographers hoping to urge that perfect shot. The abundance of heat, clear water helps new or inexperienced divers to feel comfy underwater, creating the Red Sea a superb selection for those hoping to register for associate entry level breathing apparatus course.

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Spectacular Reefs

Above all, the Red Sea is noted for its reefs, that stay stable and healthy at a time once different major reef systems square measure affected by the consequences of temperature change and marine pollution. In total, the reefs of the Red Sea support quite 220 different species of arduous and soft coral. Together, these corals offer the premise of associate scheme that gives each food and shelter to quite one,100 species of fish, virtually a fifth of that square measure found obscurity else on Earth.

Perhaps the foremost notable of the region’s pristine reefs square measure those of Ras Mahomet park, a marine reserve situated at the south tip of the peninsula. Established in 1983, Ras Mahomet is Egypt’s oldest park and constitutes a 480-square-kilometer sanctuary for a proliferation of corals and marine life. different unforgettable reefs embrace those of the Giftun Islands and also the Straits of Tiran.

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Historic Wrecks

The Red Sea is additionally a main wreck diving destination, with a bevy of world-famous wrecks as well as many from the Second warfare. beyond any doubt, the foremost picture of those is that the wreck of the S.S. Thistlegorm, a merchandiser vessel written for military use in 1940. In Gregorian calendar month, 1941 she was attacked by German bombers while carrying provides to geographic region. Today, she lies at one hundred feet/30 meters, her split hull revealing period treasures as well as motorbikes, weapons and armored cars.

Just north of standard resort city, Hurghada lies the Shaab Abu Nuhas reef, whose treacherous shoals have claimed several ships over the centuries. The reef’s most notable casualties embrace the Giannis D, a ship washed-up in 1983; the Carnatic, a merchantman washed-up in 1869; and also the Chrisoula K, a cargo vessel washed-up in 1981. All of the Red Sea wrecks have a singular history, and visiting their final resting places is an out of this world thanks to expertise their stories primary. 

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Bucket List Animals

For many divers, a visit to the Red Sea is a chance to check a number of the underwater world’s most attractive species. throughout the nice and cozy summer months (May - July), being blooms within the northern Red Sea attract filter-feeding behemoths, as well as the Rhincodon typus, noted because the world’s largest fish; and also the music ray. Summer is additionally a decent time for recognizing colleges of the vulnerable crenated hammerhead.

For shark-lovers, southerly reefs like Brothers, mythical being and Elphinstone supply the most effective probability for swimming with the elusive oceanic whitetip. These impressive sharks have a name for unpredictable behavior, however, with the steerage of a knowledgeable operator, it's potential to securely encounter them in their surroundings. different megafauna highlights embrace the dugongs of Abu Dabbab lake close to Marsa Alam and also the friendly spinner dolphins of Samadai Reef. 

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Incredible Liveaboards

Land-based dive resorts square measure a superb selection for those with non-diving friends or family, and also the Red Sea has lots of these to settle on from. However, it's Egypt’s liveaboard business that Red Sea diving is most notable - and for serious diverse, these square measure typically the higher selection. defrayment per week or 2 aboard a fervent dive boat suggests that longer on (and under) the water, affording you the possibility to expertise a larger style of dive sites. 

Most itineraries last for a minimum of seven days and typically specialize in either the northern or southern dive sites. the dimensions of the dive cluster, the extent of luxury aboard and what’s enclosed within the trip all depend on your budget and also the operator that you just select. usually speaking, you'll be able to expect to learn from knowledgeable dive professionals, comfy accommodations and wonderful preparation additionally to the surprise of the dive sites themselves. 

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Budget costs

Perhaps the foremost superb issue regarding Red Sea diving is that this wealth of foremost experiences comes at associate improbably low price. Egyptian commercial enterprise has taken a big knock in recent years due to safety issues raised by terrorist attacks and political instability in some areas of the country and per se, several dive centers square measure giving low costs to revive the business. Diving hotspots as well as Sharm el-Sheikh, Hurghada and Marsa Alam square measure still thought of safe by UK and U.S.A. travel advisories. 

While a PADI Open Water dive course can set you back about $550 within the cay, an equivalent course prices around $360 in Sharm el-Sheikh creating it one amongst the most cost-effective places within the world to urge breathing apparatus certified. Qualified divers will register for a two-tank dive for $60 compared with associate $85 fee in FL. Diving and accommodation packages like this one additionally supply superb price for cash. In a sign of the value comparison for liveaboards, the Aggressor fleet rates for 2019 value a 7-night Red Sea visit $2,355 per person, whereas an equivalent length trip within the land, state or the Galapagos prices $2,995, $3,595 or $6,595 severally.
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