The Queens of Ancient Egypt

This is a temporary summary regarding a number of the most important Ancient Egyptian Queens:

- Ankhesenamun - Her original name was Ankhesenpaaten Queen of Egypt United Nations agency reigned 1332-1322 BCE; she was the third girl of a male monarch and Nefertiti (the rulers of the Amarna revolution).

Cleopatra VII- She was of Macedonian descent, not Egyptian; but, she learned Egyptian and regarded herself because the girl of Re (although she was the second girl of King Ptolemy XII). She was born in sixty-nine BCE, passed (suicide) in thirty BCE, and reigned from 51-30 BCE.

- Hatshepsut - She was additionally referred to as Hatshopsitu, reigned from circa 1472-58 BCE, and was the girl of King Thutmose I and Queen Ahmose. She was so the primary royal girl to ascend the throne of Ancient Egypt and with the consecrated blessings of Amun-Ra.

- Nefertari - She dominated in conjunction with of king the good (or king II) throughout the Nineteenth family and didn't rule for long as a result of she passed at a really young age; she was one in all eight royal wives of king II: Istnofret, Bint-Anath (Binthanath), Aerytamun (Merytamon or Merit-Amun), Nebettawy, Henutmire, Maathomeferure, and a Hittite aristocrat (historians claim that there's very little or no data regarding her).

- Nefertiti - Her name was additionally spelled Nefertiti and Nofretete; she was the adult female of King male monarch (who reigned 1353-36 BCE); she dominated aboard her husband except for solely twelve years.

There are more royal ladies of Ancient Egypt and the Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian religion) religious path.

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