Egypt red sea diving


 underwater world, narrow, elongated in form and its unbelievable depth (9,350ft) have light-emitting diode to Associate in Nursing unparalleled diversity of marine life.

With quite one,100 species of fish, and over two hundred species of soppy and laborious coral, with the calm heat ocean and clear visibility it makes Egypt a world category dive destinations for divers of all levels.

One of the sunniest countries within the world, Egypt averages eleven hours of sunshine every day within the summer (April to Gregorian calendar month - average worker. 21-28C [70-83°F]) and eight hours every day within the winter (November to March - average worker. 13-20C [55-67°F]).

An exception to the present is that the Mediterranean coast, which, though still heat, will expertise periods of cloud and rain throughout the winter months. On the coast and within the Nile Delta throughout the spring months the current of air desert winds blow sturdy. The winters in Egypt stay heat permitting pleasant travel all year spherical.

You will get to have light-weight garments for the daytime once temperatures square measure high and heat garments for the night-time once temperature will plummet.

Recommended vaccinations and different health protection measures vary and square measure subject to alter. thus you need to consult your doctor on current vaccinations required for your trip.

With the trade route between the continent and also the Mideast, Egypt has had a very important role in history. Birthplace of 1 of the best civilizations illustrious to man, Pharaonic Egypt has left Associate in Nursing unerasable mark on modern-day Egypt. Occupations by Alexander the nice, The Romans, Byzantium, Muslim Dynasties and also the Ottoman Empire all have extra their character to form what's currently one in all the world's most visited countries

Egypt is wide considered Associate in Nursing cultural nation of the center East, with some nice places to go to, thus between your diving try to see a number of it's noted monuments, as well as the city pyramid complicated with its nice Sphinx, the southern town of Luxor that contains various ancient artifacts, like the Karnak Temple and also the vale of the Kings.

The Red Sea could be a fine selection for diving any time of year however the water temperatures do vary considerably. From June to August the water will reach 28°C however it falls to a cold 20°C in February. To arrange to bring an Associate in Nursing acceptable exposure suit to suit the time of year.

In the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea you'll see tropical marine life starting from dolphins and sharks to fantastic fans and feather stars, turtles, blue noticed rays, jacks, snappers, barracudas, lionfish, there's no shortage of selection, with the depths of the reef and also the abundance of marine life.

Your diving will embrace a number of the attention-grabbing wrecks, vivacious reefs, plateaus, lagoons, caves, and gardens, diverse can tell you that the Red Sea is unbeatable.

For experienced divers UN agencies have seen it all, the more south you go, the higher the standard. Marsa Alam and Hurghada may be an honest start line from that to explore unbelievably made sites like the Elphinstone and also the massive Brothers.

If you base yourself near to a range of the best dive sites, you'll notice several dive centers, diving faculties to decide on from and also the owner of any vacation accommodation are happy to assist with most of your diving desires.

So if diving is your factor, the Red Sea offers one in all the most effective destinations within the world.

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