Experience the Best of Kodaikanal Tourism

Experience the Best of Kodaikanal Tourism

Experience the Best of Kodaikanal Tourism

As the curvy winding staircase roads take you up to the quaint hill station of Kodaikanal, you're instantly hit by the refreshing smell of pine trees. it's no surprise that the name Kodaikanal virtually interprets to 'Gift of the forest'. Engulfed by misty mountains and apparently endless stretches of forests and wildflowers, Kodaikanal radiates a soul-warming tranquillity. Despite the popular crowds and color-coordinated honeymooners that still flock here, Kodaikanal ne'er fails to impress. From the first sunset and sunrise points to hidden trekking trails to exotic cheeses and chocolates, at Kodaikanal, there is one thing for everybody. thus here's our list of some the should visit places and things to try to that square measure certain to build your trip to Kodaikanal actually unforgettable.

Kodaikanal Lake

A visit to Kodaikanal is incomplete while not visiting this serene lake. fancy a ship ride within the lake within the evenings, take a leisurely walk on the lake, or rent a bicycle and pedal away; this lake is unquestionably Kodaikanal's most far-famed attraction. do not forget to pack a picnic basket; this lake is beyond any doubt the foremost widespread picnic spot in Kodaikanal.

Coaker's Walk

Constructed in 1872 by Lt. Coaker, Coaker's Walk maybe a scenic slender pedestrian path fantastically winding on the sides of mountain slopes. usually coated in associate opaque mist, at Coaker's Walk you'll be able to virtually take practice the clouds. On a transparent day, you'll be able to fancy mesmerizing views of the encompassing valleys and hills.

Chettiar Park

Chettiar Park is one amongst the foremost widespread Kodaikanal holidaymaker spots attracting thousands of tourists annually. This well-maintained park is aesthetically improved with a desirable form of the flowers. The star attraction of this park is that the purple Kurinji flowers that blossom once in twelve years!

Bryant Park

Bryant Park is should visit attraction for flower and nature lovers. Get marveled by over 325 species of flowers, trees, and plants, associated with an astounding 740 species of roses that abound this park. because of the annual farming and flower shows, this park becomes a hotspot for tourists throughout summers.

Pillar Rocks

Put on your trekking shoes and trek up the far-famed Pillar Rocks, a cluster of 3 large granite rocks. a brief and slightly risky uphill walk can take you the highest of the rocks from wherever you'll be able to soak within the best read of the abundant mountains encompassing Kodaikanal.

Devil's room (Guna Caves)

Nestled between the pillar rocks lie the mysterious Devil's room caves or popularly called Guna Caves, once the Tamil film Guna (1992) that was shot here. tucked concerning five hundred feet deep into the ravines, these caves square measure home to thousands of cracked. A lush inexperienced pathway lined with ancient trees having distinctive formations leads you to the caves, adding to the mystery part of the caves.

Sheep Farm

Hang out with cute very little sheep at a sheep farm within the idyllic terraced village of Poombarai. Misty mountains coated in reminder lush inexperienced and dotted with Ovis montana dalli lazily grazing on building a card worthy setting. A walk around Poombarai offers a gorgeous glimpse into the easy untouched farm lifetime of incline villages close to Kodaikanal.

Bejiram Lake

Bejiram Lake is associate idyllic lake cocooned amidst dense Shola forests within the outskirts of Kodaikanal. A mesmerizing drive through thick reserved forests can take you to the present pristine lake. within the mornings, bison, deer, and myriad birds square measure noticed around this lake, creating it excellent for photography.

Dolphin's Nose

Trek up the craggy path to Dolphin's Nose for a germander speedwell read of scenic mountains, farmlands, and valleys. Dolphin's Nose may be a flat rock resembling a dolphin's nose projecting out of the sting of a mountain commanding a deep formation. With natural stairways shaped by tree roots and a slender path lined with tall pine trees, the trek up to Dolphin's Nose is as picturesque because the read from the highest of the hill.

Kukkal Caves

An excursion to Kukkal Caves is good for those that love trekking and journey. Believed to be one amongst the oldest caves within the country, Kukkal Caves square measure ancient rock caves happiness to the extinct Palaiyar tribe. The breathless trekking path to Kukkal Caves can take you thru beautiful pine forests, fields of herb and gushing mountain streams.


Home to the gorgeous Bear Shola, Glen Falls, Fairy Falls, and Silver Cascade falls; Kodaikanal is that the favorite destination among waterfall lovers. throughout monsoons Kodaikanal's waterfalls become alive, drawing throngs of tourists.

Kodaikanal yoga center

A yoga and meditation workshop at the Kodaikanal Yoga Centre may be a should for the self-examination wanderer. This yoga center is ideally settled within the thick of associate ecological farm and offers a range of short and long-run workshops in yoga. for brief keep travelers, the yoga center offers fast orientation workshops in yoga and meditation.

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