Fishing For Nile Perch on Nasser


The Nile Perch is found in several components of Africa as well as Congo, Nile, Senegal, Niger, Lake Chad, Volta, and Lake Turkana to call some. it's an oversized mouth sport fish that feeds on smaller fish within the lakes and rivers wherever it lives.

Although Nasser is famed for its Nile Perch fishing, the record fish was addicted to Lake Victoria wherever the species was introduced within the Fifties. The fish weighed in at a powerful 232kg (516lbs) however the species had a fateful result inflicting the extinction or near-extinction of the many native species on that it preyed. it contemplates among the hundred worst invasion species and though it's been introduced into a variety of lakes in Africa, the state of Queensland in Australia can heavily fine anyone found in possession of a live Nile Perch because it could be a direct challenger with the native Neoceratodus forsteri.

However, in Nasser in Egypt, the Nile Perch has thrived. Nasser is a man-made lake created by the development of the metropolis High Dam within the Sixties and once the species was introduced, it's attracted sports fishermen from all around the world. The conditions of the lake mean that the Nile Perch is much a lot of doubtless to grow to larger sizes than it'd during a watercourse and their square measure an enormous variety of specimens of quite 100kg (220lbs).

The fishing opportunities at Nasser square measure from the shore similarly as from boats and leading anglers square measure on record as language that the fishing at Nasser is in contrast to anyplace else within the world. additionally, to the Nile Perch, Nasser is additionally home to the fierce Tigerfish and also the Catfish. so as to conserve the fish population, several firms United Nations agency run fishing visits here operate a catch and unharness policy that ensures that the larger fish live to fight another day.

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