Egypt is one of the richest countries within the world once it involves medical business enterprises. metropolis could be a well-known destination to assist cure respiratory disease, whereas Safaga has verified fortunate once it involves hardening skin disease, consistent with Sedky. Siwa Oasis, to boot, is one amongst the world’s most spectacular nature reserves. In March 2017 Siwa was declared the worldwide center for medical and environmental business enterprises.

As for Helwan, a southern suburban area in Cairo, it had been delineated as “the sacred healing city” in recent books. it's been one amongst the foremost standard medical business enterprise destinations within the world since the ruler era.

Not solely is Egypt made in assets once it involves medical business enterprise, it additionally enjoys an excellent name as a therapeutic destination. “The Ministry of Health reports there area unit already between 1300 and 1400 websites that address medical business enterprise in Egypt,” says Sedky.

Egypt has geared efforts to push its medical business enterprise, most notably through sponsoring a medical business enterprise conference in Sharm El-Sheikh in 2017, likewise because of the virus C medical business enterprise program that featured soccer wiz Lionel Messi.

However, medical business enterprise sites in Egypt are neglected over the past years as best incontestable by the 2 comes “Pharaoh’s Bathroom” and also the bring up of “Ouyoun Moussa” (Moussa’s Wells) in Ras Sidr, that didn't undergo.

“Which is why we'd like to determine Associate in Nursing entity that coordinates between health and business enterprise,” says Sedky.

“We area unit building a replacement Egypt; we'd like innovative ideas. each country has some assets once it involves therapeutic business enterprise […] Egypt, on the opposite hand, is that the sole country that has all the assets. Not solely in medical care however we have a tendency to even have the history, therefore the tourists can want they're fulfilling quite one sort of business enterprise once visiting Egypt. a number of our therapeutic sites return to the ruler and also the Ptolemaic eras,” he said.
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