medical tourism in egypt

Tourism is mostly thought-about of the foremost vital sources of value in Egypt and therefore the Egyptian individuals, familiar with the presence of tourists in their thick since antiquity.

Egypt is one in every of the foremost outstanding traveler countries within the world wherever the number of tourists visiting Egypt over nine.79 million tourists in 2007. additionally, Egypt was hierarchal fifty-eight globally among 124 countries in the business fight index.

The unfold in Egypt and mineral sulfur springs, that options the distinctive chemical put in. that exceeds the speed of all mineral and sulfur springs within the world. moreover, the supply of silt within the pools of those sulfur springs with its therapeutic properties of cured several diseases, bone diseases, alimentary tract and tract, and skin diseases, etc., as additionally proved treatment for patients with rheumatism by burial within the sand.
Research additionally confirmed that the waters of the Red Sea, its contents and therefore the presence of chemical coral reefs that helps healing of skin condition. There area unit numerous traveler areas, that has the advantage of medical business in Egypt, areas of noted historical roots, such as Helwan, own El Sira, Al own Sokhna, Hurghada, Fayoum, the oasis, Aswan, Sinai, and eventually the town of Safaga stationed on the beach of the Red Sea, that has all the weather of business therapeutic and traveler teams that visit and therefore the fame that comes black sand have the flexibility to induce obviate some skin diseases.

Ancient Egyptians believed that the human can send a second when his death to measure a lifetime of immortality then we're keen to stay the bodies of the dead through the stuffed, and mummification method suggests that the traditional Egyptians, as Raawa bury the dead bodies removed from water infiltration and placed them in graves of the vulnerable in dry places within the desert and the within pyramids, and these operations area unit beneath the advanced bioscience and qualified doctors area unit ready to use all the largesse of the character of the chemical and pharmaceutical substances.
Before the birth of Jesus Christ gave birth to a few thousand years Egypt “Aamahotb” Dean of drugs and pioneering the primary international agreement of historians. The name suggests that hieroglyph, that comes in peace, “the minister that the doctor branch of knowledge high priest singers, and specifically, Rafie aforesaid the primary stone in history: the pyramid of King” Zoser “Saqqara.

With the increasing archeologic discoveries, that leftover time emerged as vital medical and therapeutic for several of the sites in components of Egypt, like Helwan, Fayoum and South Sinai and Safaga as enjoyed by these places of drinking water, sand and dunes area unit ready to treat and cure several incurable diseases in our world nowadays, like skin diseases and rheumatic.
The state has complete the importance of medical and therapeutic for these places that arose on the care and a focus that has become of the best places of healing the globe.

Egypt holidays  occupied a privileged position on the map of medical business has become a preferred destination for people who wish treatment from everywhere the globe, come back for the tourists to get pleasure from the climate of health and medical treatment, natural beneath the auspices of medical specialists all told branches and trendy hospitals, that is accessible with the most recent instrumentality the globe supported by specialists in exercise and physiotherapy at the best level of service.

Egypt’s natural healing:
Spread to Egypt, many natural springs and wells of drinking water and sulfur, take issue within the depth and capability, and therefore the temperature between thirty.73 degrees Anders Celsius. The analysis has shown the laboratory to contain several of those natural springs at the best rate of elemental sulfur compared to wells situated in numerous components of the globe as containing this natural water on many metal salts and a few metals of therapeutic price like washing soda and ranging proportions of some gilded parts like metal and iron.

Also showed Experimental Measurements suitableness salinity within the natural water resources for the needs of hospital and else to the proliferation of water wells, natural clean potable, that has distended Egypt’s investment and production as economic in recent years beneath the management of rigorous scientific quality and standards in terms of purity of impurities and parasites and bacterium, and therefore the degree of water hardness and chemical composition, that has semiconductor diode several national and foreign firms to contend for major investment during this space.

It was not the sands of Egypt area unit less affluent than water studies have shown to contain desert dunes Egyptian proportions safe and a good interest of the radioactive  parts, has resulted in treatment bury the body or painful state of affairs it with sand for extended periods of deliberate and specific to the unexampled leads to many diseases, rheumatic diseases like rheumatism and pain ensuing from spinal diseases and alternative causes of acute and chronic pain, that perplexed the fashionable drugs.
The objectives of medical business a visit to Egypt, wherever they're within the province of latest depression, oases, and areas of the Sinai treatment burial within the sand and plight treatment furthermore on the presence of natural springs like the eyes of Moses and own Helwan

Adopted the medical business and hospital in Egypt for an extended time on natural ingredients and is taken into account one in every of the richest environments wherever there area unit natural parts of interest as therapeutic unfold by natural springs sulfur, and mineral sands and heat.

The most vital places for medical business in Egypt:
Egypt tours has sixteen locations internally and coastal obtainable in natural remedies for several diseases, particularly the rheumatic diseases and skin condition of the foremost noted of these areas of Helwan, noted because the town of healing the sacred and therefore the depression Mariot and gully Natrun Oasis cum Western Desert and Oasis of Amun and own Sukhna baths of Egyptian within the Red Sea, and others. And calculable the amount of eyes distributed in most components of Egypt with 1356 eyes, as well as 5 within the eyes of Helwan and three within the own El Sira and thirty six in Fayoum and four in gully Rayan and thirty three within the peninsula and 315 within the oasis of marine and 106 in Siwa, additionally to the large variety Associate in Nursing calculable 564 on-Dakhla Oasis and 188 in rising and seventy five in Farafra and therefore the rest is unfold within the Gulf of metropolis and therefore the Qattara and gully Natrun and neighbor.
medical business in Egypt

The unfold in Egypt, sulfur springs and mineral options put in chemical distinctive and that exceeds the speed of all the sulfur springs and mineral within the world additionally to the supply of silt within the pools of those sulfur springs with its properties of therapeutic cures of the many bone diseases and diseases of the system, metastasis and skin diseases, etc., as additionally wide hospitalization for patients with rheumatic inflammatory disease by burial within the sand additionally confirmed analysis that the waters of the Red Sea its contents therapy and therefore the presence of coral reefs that helps healing of skin condition and multiple traveler areas that have the advantage of medical business in Egypt, that area unit areas of noted historical roots, such as: Helwan , own El Sira, Al own Sokhna, Hurghada, Fayoum, the oasis, Aswan, Sinai, and eventually the town of Safaga stationed on the shore of the Red Sea and that possesses all the weather of medical business, that Tamha all traveler teams come back her celebrity standing that the black sand have the flexibility to induce obviate some skin diseases .
. Salinas Burj Al Arab.
Medical business has become Associate in Nursing integral a part of the worldwide business system and despite the supply of the weather of medical business in Egypt, however, the options had not been completed up to now, despite its success on multiple areas of the Red Sea, like mountain peak on the Gulf of metropolis and Sharm el-Sheikh on the Gulf of urban center .. And still Arab travelers WHO look for treatment attend the Dead Sea in Israel owing to the potential tourist progress there though the Dead Sea choked with pollutants that cause the metal to cut back the success rate of treatment needed. the coed scientific analysis conducted recently and therefore the have to be compelled to exploit the potential of Salinas website of the Burj Al Arab, wherever the presence of natural brines high concentration and therefore the right atmosphere within the field of environmental treatment for skin condition and alternative diseases.

The water salt works out of a natural, an ocean water and is characterized by water Salinas Burj Al Arab, the existence of special conditions associated with the setting, construction, style and organization of basin focus and form and drain, will management the degree of focus, either mitigation or focus, Burj Al Arab within the case of use for the needs of treatment of skin condition which access to the desired focus in time for this, as characterised by Salinas Burj Al Arab, the existence of hills north and south of navigation works bulwark block a natural against wind and sand storms, and therefore the atmosphere of the region free from pollution and impurities that dispersion daylight, and there also are basins like bays (calm waters) isn't the wave operate as a mirror reflective the rays of the sun to the earth’s surface, additionally to the salinity of an awfully high increase of up to seven times the water within the Gulf of Safaga, and therefore easy buoyancy and cut back the forces of gravity, that ends up in a major improvement within the activity of blood circulation inside the body and therefore increase the quantity of blood that reaches the skin and therefore happens balance between the quantity of salts inside the body and outdoors it, and this balance includes a vital impact within the speed of healing skin condition. additionally to the current entire region by the breathless great thing about natural parts and is handily helps to relax the patient and improve his mood.

These options of the Salinas Burj Al Arab makes it a contender is vital within the healing natural for patients with skin condition, particularly for areas of the Dead Sea, that has the disadvantages of such crucial lack of sun within the region throughout the season and winter, and lower the Dead Sea space from the ocean 390 meters, creating it unsuitable for heart patients, and increase the proportion of part Br that causes skin allergies.. to all or any this will be wont to the climate and environmental salt concentration Bmlahh Burj Al Arab for the treatment of patients with skin condition and therefore the development of the Burj Al Arab on the map of medical business.

And the intervention of Alexandria within the field of business therapeutic different, particularly that Joe Borg El-Arab work well with this project as a result of the humidness medium with a temperature between fifteen and twenty ° C, that affects mood and health for the traveler WHO desires to hospitalization, particularly as travelers therapeutic advantage for the tourist the traditional length of residence within the town treatment of this era travel between 2 to four weeks, additionally to the speed of paying is double that for the tourists .. i need to emphasize that it's not necessary to serve the medical business patients solely, however, be healthy individuals and businessmen WHO would love to recreation and removed from the rhythm of recent life, wherever tourists get pleasure from the calm and wonder within the flood of drinking water salinity was applicable so follow some sports lightweight.

I would wish to means that the primary to develop the scientific basis for medical business in Egypt is Dr. “Hassan Bek Mahmoud wise” through the manuscript, that was discovered within the municipal library haraam and your entitled to “the fountain brink of chilling within the bogs, Helwan,” that placed nearly 127 years.

2. Medical business in Sinai.

Is the South Sinai space high characterised by quiet, low humidness {and the|and therefore the|and additionally the} presence of the water sulfur appropriate for treatment and cure of the many diseases and also the recent sand soft in some area that area unit significantly helpful within the treatment of rheumatic diseases additionally to what's noted by the species of the many herbs and natural plants that are utilized in drugs and treatment.

There is Sinai tons of eyes to water heat like bathtub swayer and bogs Moses of historical interest as that of the baths the importance of treatment because of the containment of water sulfur, additionally to all or any this gentle climate and distinctive location on the shore of the Gulf of metropolis and therefore the holiness of the world and its own from the center of adherents of the 3 monotheistic religions to alike.

A. bathtub of Pharaoh:

Located bogs swayer on the Gulf of metropolis, 250 kilometer from Cairo, a bunch springs of water sulfur hot includes a temperature of twenty seven Anders Celsius and flowing from Mount bathtub of swayer within the variety of a lake sturdy 3000 meters isometric per day to roughly stretching on the beach a length of one hundred meters, a adjacent to the ocean, and there's the best mountain cave incised rock steam room because of the emission of warmth from the recent sulfur water from all-time low of the cave on top of.

An analysis of water in terms of their chemical properties and medical specialty and natural proved  and effectiveness of the wonderful within the treatment of the many diseases, most notably rheumatism and rheumatism of assorted sorts, and diseases of the system, nephrosis, and therefore the sensitivity of the respiratory organ, and liver diseases, skin diseases, and injuries sidelined, that the advantages used for the needs of beauty, with an amount of sulfur within the water rate is one in every of the best rates of this part within the drinking water within the world. additionally to the current entire gentle climate throughout the year, and air dry, and enormous areas of sand, warm, which might be utilized in physiotherapy, that is encircled by a sequence of mountains? This was the ingredient extraordinary impetus to the creation of spa business within the name of “Spa Resort Pharaoh” (still beneath construction) is that the 1st and distinctive in its kind in Egypt and therefore the geographical region, a traveler village and a middle for treatment of environmental, combining medical business, recreation and sports.

Potential treatment center:

– millions of exercises and massage medical aid.
– Water treatment.
– Treatment of the body.
– Treatment of the face.

B. bathtub Moses:

The city of mountain peak and therefore the waters flowing from the eyes of 5 area unit within the bathtub tub within the variety of a building encircled by water, in line with sulfur that bring the temperature of thirty seven ° C within the healing of the many rheumatic diseases and skin and Gary produce a spa bathtub international space of Moses.

3. Medical business in urban centers.

There is additionally a medical business enjoyed by the urban center is a vastly fashionable destination additionally to being curious about the treatment of assorted diseases primarily inflammatory disease WHO was treated in ways in which primitive to tell the patient’s body hot desert sand.

Research has been conducted several the data of specialists and international establishments have proven the validity of an environment of urban center within the treatment of chronic diseases because of its high levels of ultraviolet light, low humidness, wherever up to forty-three .4% throughout the amount from Dec to March, whereas the magnitude relation in European country throughout identical amount between seventy fifth to 100 percent.

The rays of the sun throughout the year with dry weather Akunan a climate ideal for the treatment of rheumatic diseases like respiratory illness, asthma, chronic inflammation of the kidneys.

There urban center centers for the treatment of sand and water, it's projected to determine a traveler village within the space stretching between the edifice Cataract and urban center Reservoir embody special centers for physical therapy, and clinics for patients with rheumatism and skin diseases, and places for the institution of theaters, cinemas, and sports stadiums, building berths for boats river cruises and cruise ships.

As is understood, the region has noted treatment primitive manner of burial within the sand.

4. Medical business in Helwan.

Located residential district of Helwan, thirty kilometers from the center of Cairo to the east of the stream river, that lies on its bank concerning four kilometers, rising from the ocean concerning forty meters.

Characterized by terribly dry, Helwan, and therefore the proportion of wetness doesn't exceed fifty-eight additionally to the eyes of many metal and sulfur area unit unmatched within the world in terms of the degree of purity and therapeutic interest, has been established by the Centre for Natural drugs of sulfur and treatment of pain and rheumatic diseases.

Due date of treatment water Helwan to the year 1899, then restored bogs in 1955, supported the middle Helwan sulfur for rheumatism Associate in Nursingd natural drugs within the variety of an Islamic Arabic fashionable, which has thirty eight space for treatment of water sulfur and rooms to rest, and chalets, to determine a patient steps removed from the places of treatment, all encircled by stunning gardens, creating it the right place to line up patients and convalescents.

The center includes a bunch of doctors specializing in rheumatic diseases and natural drugs area unit the sign language of the precise examination of patients before initiation of treatment, and when to see the acceptable treatment for every case the patient is placed beneath medical oversight for the total period of treatment and place of residence. it's a special file for every patient saves archives of the middle to come back to him once required to facilitate patient follow-up in their reluctance to the middle.

Helwan Center is provided with the following:

• ray diagnostic device.
• Associate in Nursing integrated medical laboratory for all laboratory tests and analyzes.
• Department of general medicine, heart, equipped with trendy graphical record.
• electrical water bathtub for water treatment.
• Steam bathtub.

• toilet sulfur solely within the Middle of the movements and underwater sports.
• bathtub of CO2 for the treatment of diseases of the vascular system, a special section for treatment of silt sulfur
• A special section lean and weight loss.
• Department of the massage.
• Massage beneath water.
• Department of wax.
Diseases that address the standing of Helwan:

Medical business in Egypt

• degenerative arthritis.
• Inflammation of the nerves and therefore the pain it caused.
• palsy and a weakening of the parties.
• neurologic and medicine diseases.
• Chronic urarthritis illness (disease of kings).
• metastasis diseases (chronic redness, bronchitis, chronic cartilaginous tube asthma).
• Skin diseases (scabies, eczema, acne, psoriasis. (
• stiffness within the joints and fractures recovered uncomplicated healing wrong.
• Chronic session blood vessel insufficiency of the Parties.
• Inflammation of the ovaries and fallopian tubes, which ends in primary and secondary physiological state.
• fatness and illness.

5. Bahariya Oasis.

Follow the Bahariya Oasis Giza Governorate, situated concerning 365 miles to the southwest of the town of Giza.

Combines {the parts|the weather} of the region to business historical and archeologic elements of a good medical business and wellbeing scheme.

The most vital monuments within the Oasis Marine graves of family twenty six, and white-livered bird sacred and therefore the remnants of the Arc Delaware Triumphed Roman, and therefore the ruins of the Temple of Isis, {and the|and therefore the|and additionally the} ruins of the temple because of the age of Alexander the nice also contains the grave of the depression Golden Mummies, that shed lightweight on the crucial history of Egypt at the start of the Roman era , wherever he discovered an enormous variety of golden mummies of 10 thousand. He was the author of this revealing the nice archaeologist, Dr. Zahi Hawass, the famous.

In the necropolis governor oases (Pharaonic family 26) discovered 100 gold items an exquisite addition to several of the golden statues of the gods.

There area unit oases of marine concerning four hundred eye for drinking water and sulfur heat and cold, that proven to analysis conducted by the Egyptian universities and national centers of analysis and scientific centers of foreign therapeutic price in diseases Romatiom and rheumatism, that leads her to become one in every of the foremost vital spa treatment within the world to differentiate dry weather gentle and therefore the sun shining throughout the year.

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