Natural Therapy in Egypt

Ancient Egyptians had excellent information about medicines and that they were masterful in treating several diseases and pains. That valuable information has been passed to the fashionable world through the numerous well-preserved papyri that are translated. They show robust information on hygiene, sickness, and anatomy. The Ebers papyrus, the Kahun papyrus and also the male monarch Smith papyrus are amongst the a lot of known sources of data regarding ancient natural medical care in Egypt.

Animal products, plant materials and plenty of minerals were accustomed to treating people's ailments in ancient Egypt. this information continues to be accustomed to an excellent extent even nowadays and there are several specialized natural medical care centers in Egypt.

Therapeutic business is gaining quality and Egypt is one in all the highest destinations with its several hot springs. analysis has shown that clay in these springs will cure several metastasis diseases, kidney, bone, and different skin issues. The abundance of coral reefs within the Red Sea will facilitate to cure totally different types of skin problems. Sinai, Aswan, Helwan, the Fayoum oases, Safaga and Hurghada are the most locations with superb natural medical care edges.

The Kom Ombo temple in Aswan depicts scenes signifying the importance of Aswan as Associate in Nursing environmental medical care center since swayer times. Sand bathing that is helpful for natural action types of inflammatory disease may be enjoyed ideally between could and September. The dry weather and also the pollution-free setting build Aswan the right alternative for those seeking nature to cure their ailments. The Nubians in Abu Simbel have flavoring treatments for several common ailments like respiratory illness and infectious disease.

New vale is another space in Egypt that has several hot springs, healthful herbs, and sand with curative properties. There are springs and predicament wells during this place. several minerals and hot components ar gifts within the sand during this place and for the treatment of rheumatic ailments the person is buried within the sand except for chest, abdomen, and head. Sinai has the Hammam Pharaon and also the Oyoun Mossa that have the world’s highest-rated chemical element water. Oyoun Mossa is thought to produce a religious comfort with its hot springs.

The use of ancient medicines in several places in Egypt has unbroken the science of natural medical care alive even nowadays. excluding several herbs, the natural medical care in Egypt conjointly includes several massages. really in keeping with ancient records massage medical care originated in Egypt and was known to cure several diseases and physical injuries. Reflexology was practiced on the land as early as 2500 before Christ. Another ancient sort of Egyptian healing is Sekhem whereby the body’s own healing method is employed to treat all the physical and mental ailments of the patient.

The Red Sea coast has several world-famous sites used for natural medical care. Safaga is one in all the simplest places within the world to cure skin problems.     The reasons for this are the high mountains, the calm ocean and also the abundance of the coral reefs. The mud in several areas is additionally known to cure several skin issues.

The use of natural medical care in Egypt dates back thousands of years however the new and dry climate of the land together with its several hot springs still cures several ailments even nowadays.

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