Training Your Dog Humanely: Part One


Training Your Dog Humanely

Training Your Dog

Welcome the Dog to the Human World

 Have you ever watched The Dog verbalizer and thought, 'Wow, that guy is amazing! What an excellent thanks to training a dog!" I do know I have repeatedly. Cesar metropolis teaches one bedrock regarding dogs - a dog may be a sumpter by instinct. in line with Cesar, your job is to become the pack leader, a dominant Alpha male/female with 'balance'. I assume by 'balance' he suggests that you ought to treat the animal fairly, as they'd expect to be treated in an exceedingly wild pack. He gets excellent and quick results with this methodology. I will not say it is a dangerous methodology, however, it is not the manner I select to coach my dogs and here's why. There's one factor wrong with the 'you're the pack leader' construct - it assumes the dog inhabits a dog's world, and for you to manage it, you need to behave as a dog would, the Alpha male or feminine of the pack. For the bulk of dogs WHO square measure family pets, this implies the owner can treat the animal-like it had solely instinctual processes happening in its head, no rational thought processes. To refute that thinking go and watch these 2 short videos of Lucy's behavior: Lucy Remembers Her Ball and Lucy and also the vacuum (links seem at bottom). A dog doesn't inhabit a dog's world unless it's in an exceedingly pack of dogs, roaming the geographic region sort of a wolf, transfer down prey and sharing its kill. this is often not your dog. Your dog would not chase its supper if it went hungry for a week! it'd no a lot of kill a raccoon associate degreed rip its flesh apart than would your six-year recent child! If you are doing have such an animal it is a pushover that it is a dangerous dog, one that causes folks in your neighborhood to cross the road to avoid. If you become the pack leader, you have descended into the dog's world. Having done, therefore, the dog can integrate well with alternative dogs, sleep in a pack with happiness, apprehend its place within the human pack, and customarily behave well, however it will not reach its full potential. after you adopted the dog into your family, you did not plan to become a primordial growler, (which will work if you've got the cajones to duplicate the threats), you decided to introduce associate degree animal into the human world. because the 2 videos show, Lucy is associate degree animal with human-like tendencies developed to the total potential of her smaller dog brain. She, like ninety-nine % of dogs nowadays, belongs to a family, has been introduced to human ideas, and lives in an exceedingly human world. It's higher than you simply train your dog to measure well in your world, instead of you in its, for the sake of the dog and yourself. you'll have a far higher companion, so can the dog. The dog can learn to like humans on top of dogs. Lucy may be a thinking dog. Lucy can position herself at the prepared looking on wherever an individual places their foot behind a ball. She properly anticipates that manner the ball is propelled by the positioning of the foot. She additionally cheats quite badly, inbound at the destination of a tossed toy before it gets there. Her brain has computed wherever you are possible to throw or kick the associate degree object. Lucy is aware of that manner you'll kick a ball just by shifting your weight from one hip the opposite, while not even moving your feet! higher than a goalie in soccer (soccer). Lucy is aware of many hundred ideas and commands, from Jump within the Boat, to do not go into the road. She seldom plays currently however once she was younger I'd throw her ball into the road (a rural highway) and once she accomplished the ball had gone out of reach, rolling into the proscribed territory, she would place on the brakes associate degreed stop before crossing a fanciful line. That line accustomed be a chunk of yellow rope lying across the private road regarding twenty feet from the road. when she learned the construct the rope was bumped off, she was allowed to travel resolute pee on her own; I might trust her to not go past the fanciful line. that idea, do not go into the road, is central to a dog having the ability to measure with happiness within the human world. it is the distinction between a cervid or a raccoon crossing the road and your pet's thinking. it's learned that highways (a human construct not showing within the dog pack vocabulary) square measure dangerous.
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