Greymouth Tourist Activities


  Greymouth Tourist Activities

Greymouth Tourist Activities


On Yer Bike is concerning five kilometers north of Greymouth. it's a traveler business that provides rides on quad bikes through some typical geographical area native forest. The business began in 1997 by microphone and Sue Roper. before the business microphone, Roper was a taxi driver around Greymouth. the journey business is extremely counseled by previous guests as featured on TripAdvisor.

The farm wherever the business is settled has been within the Roper family since 1917 once Micheal's grandparents, Charles and Violet touched the world. throughout the Nineteen Sixties and 70s Micheal's oldsters ran a farm however this led to 1978 once new rules created the business non-viable. kine and sheep have continuously been a part of the farm operations and still is, albeit a tiny low half currently considering the success of the quad bike business.

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During your journey, you'll probably encounter a number of New Zealand's native birds like the rail, Tui, Kereru (wood pigeon), Fantail, and Pukeko

Another sideline to On-Yer-Bike is that the restaurant wherever customers ar ready to call in for a tea and simply to feature another string to her bow, Sue Roper will crochet and together with her alternative commitments it all keeps her busy.

More than a hundred years agone there was a college close to the world. it absolutely was referred to as "The Camp college," the name of the district. nobody is aware of however it got its name, however, it's in all probability as a result of the primary sawmill on the geographical area was at Coal Creek and "The Cap" could are named the lads World Health Organization were functioning at the sawmill.

Coal Creek is a neighborhood that is vulnerable to flooding. The water typically comes over the road close to On-Yer-Bike because the creek floods with the quantity of water that comes down from the mountains.

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Prior to the overhead bridge being engineered, traffic would got to cross the railway tracks and appearance every approach for oncoming trains. As so much as we all know, there was a train/car accident before the bridge being engineered. However, throughout the 1968 earthquake, a vehicle suddenly met the sting of the bridge because it touched up and down leading to the death of the motive force.

Coulthard/Hall Memorial

Just before Runanga is that the Coultard/Hall Memorial. This was the scene of the Runanga Payroll theft ninth Gregorian calendar month 2017. The pay automotive left Greymouth that morning with the wages and salaries of the miners that totaled nearly 4k. even as the automotive was close to flip the corner it suddenly met AN obstruction within the middle of the road. the motive force Coultard got out of the automotive so as to get rid of the obstruction and at that moment a covert man appeared from the bush shouting, "Hands-Up" before firing at Coultard. He died at the scene. The thief then ran to the automotive and asked for the money however Hall, World Health Organization was the mine clerk who refused to adapt and discharged 2 shots from a revolver he carried. The thief shot Hall from shut range-so shut that Hall's garments were lit once he was cared-for once the theft. James was discharged upon by the thief and was hit within the thigh and behind. The thief secured the cash before creating his escape across the railway lines and out of sight.


The administrative division of Runanga was fashioned in 1904 as a coal mining city. before forming of Runanga the world was lined in native bush however the homes that were engineered to accommodate the mine employees were engineered with the timber of the trees that were cut down to create an approach for the administrative division. The city prospered with the gap of many coal mines within the space. A railway line between Greymouth and Runanga was engineered to move the coal out of the world. The train conjointly operated traveler services. Runanga had its own terminal as did Rerenui that was near to wherever one amongst the mines was in operation.

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